Some Tips to Enhance Indoor Air Quality at Home and Offices

Indoor air quality is important at home or office for the inhabitants to stay healthy and productive. However, many people are either not studious or ignorant about the ways to improve air quality. In this article, we will discuss some actionable tips to maintain good air quality inside homes and offices.

The primary strategy to get rid of indoor air pollution is to eliminate sources of various contaminants which tamper the air quality. Next, excellent ventilation is essential which will increase the circulation of clean air and help remove the pollutants through filtration. Ventilation also balances the level of moisture in the air.

Other tips to improve indoor air quality

Before initiating the list of tips to enhance air quality, one sure shot approach is to open the windows. It is a good start point, which helps to circulate the air well and lower the concentration of air pollutants as toxic chemicals and also carbon dioxide.

• In fact, the air quality or indoor spaces are poorer than outside. If you feel so, one should not wait for the next morning to open the window to regain the balance.

• Peak indoor pollution may happen while you put in any new piece of wood furniture, do a floor mattress cleaning, or while applying a new coat of paint onto the walls. Keep the windows open during such times.

• Avoid cigarette smoking inside the home or office. The smoke of tobacco consists of hundreds of toxic fumes and pollutants which may largely contaminate air around.

• Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions, solvent-based or cleaners with excruciating fragrances to maintain indoor air quality.

• Some activities like soldering, gluing, or polishing etc. may also create pollutants and needed to be done outside.

• Fuel appliance exhaust or vehicles may cause carbon monoxide which is a highly toxic air pollutant. So, not ideal cars in the garage or operate lawnmowers near to rooms.

Keeping clean tips

• Try to get washable bedding. Try to wash the sheets, pillows etc. weekly which holds a risk of being exposed to pollutants and dust mites etc.

• Considering removing shoes from outside at the doorstep to minimise dust and dirt getting inside.

• Install walk-off mats at all entrances.

• Try to use efficient vacuum cleaners for dust removal and also do professional mat and furniture cleaning once in a while.

Control moisture

• Always keep the indoor environment dry. Set humidity level is averaging below 60% in air. To do this:

Track humidity level.

Install a dehumidifier if necessary to control moisture.

• Ensure that there is no water leak inside the home. Get professional plumbing assistance in case of any water leakage to be fixed instantly

• On operating washing machines or cloth dryer, always keep the windows open while washing or drying

• If any water damage of floor indoors, immediately remove water and dry all the affected materials instantly.

If you suspect high pollutants in the air indoors, it is ideal to use a mechanical air purification system which ensures proper filtration and recycling. There are advanced air purifying systems as ion generators and electrostatic systems available in the market.

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